Info TC-Nurse Project

According to the European Commission, “social inclusion is at the core of the European Social Model and European values enshrined in the Lisbon Treaty”. However, in the past few years, social exclusion and inequality have emerged as a major concern in European society. European Higher education institutions (HEIs) have a responsibility to address these issues through the promotion of social, civil and transcultural competences, democratic values and fundamental rights, social inclusion, non-discriminating active citizenship and critical thinking. This project addresses cultural, linguistic and religious diversity, and promotes ownership of shared values, equality, non-discrimination and social inclusion through education and training at higher education level. In particular, TC-Nurse aims to:

– Foster the development of social, civic and transcultural competences, and critical thinking, not only amongst participant nursing students and both teaching and clinical staff, but also amongst key stakeholders and decision/policy makers at local and regional level in all the participating countries.

– Tackle discrimination, segregation, racism, bullying and violence in healthcare through the undertaking of preliminary research on this area, and subsequent creation of a multinational blended-learning module in transcultural nursing.