Transnational Project Meeting in Antwerp

During this meeting, the TC-Nurse team will have a short-term joint staff training which will consist in the implementation and delivery of training in CLIL to the teaching team that will be responsible for the design and delivery of the second intensive training course for higher education learners . Two lecturers from each participating university will take part in the training programme.
The main contents of the workshop will be:
– Introduction to CLIL approach in higher education.
-Designing a CLIL session.
– Adapting teaching materials to CLIL programmes.
-Teaching strategies for the implementation of CLIL in higher education.
– Delivering a CLIL session.
By the end of the course, participants will:
-Identify and apply the theoretical principles of CLIL, Plan a teaching and learning activity through a CLIL approach, Adapt teaching materials to facilitate content learning through CLIL and apply teaching & learning and assessment strategies to promote the integration of English in the content.