Experiences from the IP 2019

Intensive Programme in Portalegre 2019

In July 2019, 24 students  gathered in Portalegre, Portugal, for an Intensive  Programme. Each day was filled with developing and learning on topics such as their understanding of  transcultural nursing, cultural competence and  health inequality.

Taking advantage of the students’ own cultural  similarities and differences, there was a promotion of  knowledge, understanding and acknowledgement  of the beliefs and practices of other cultures with  which we all coexist. Students were enabled to  identify similarities and accept cultural differences in order be able to provide excellent quality care to all  patients regardless of their cultural background.

Also,  the CLIL-based teaching and learning approach was apllied, with a focus on transcultural care, as  contextualised within Papadopoulos, Tikki and  Taylor’s (PTT) model of developing cultural  competence. Their was an increase of cultural  competence, language skills and awareness of  global health issues.

During this project I became more culturally aware. It was a very good experience that I can certainly use later on!

Participant from the IP in Portalegre 2019

It was a wonderfull experience. Getting to know the colleagues and students from other Educational Institutions…. Learning and teaching on the subject of different cultures and experiencing this at the same time. I returned a happy teacher…..

Teacher from the IP Portugal 2019