Intensive Program 2020, digital edition

The TC Nurse IP 2020 is a special edition. This project is all about experiencing the cultural diversity and learning with and from each other. Due to the COVID-pandemic, we were challenged to create an online experience that would level up with the real thing.

A lot of online activity took place during the TC Nurse online Intensive Porgam

The context of the IP

The world is culturally diverse. There is a growing recognition of the importance of cultural safety and competency among health care providers. Therefore, the need for education in cultural safety and competence is universal for all nurses, regardless of their own personal background.

This online intensive learning programme on cultural competence aims to:

* Create an academic and culturally diverse environment of collaboration and learning, where cultural similarity is highlighted and cultural difference is used to promote knowledge, understanding and acknowledgement of the beliefs and practices of other cultures with which we all coexist. Improve language skills through the implementation of a Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) approach to teaching and learning. 

* Provide opportunities for cultural encounter, both inside and outside the classroom, between the students and the lecturers, and between the students themselves.

* Enhance the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes leading to the promotion of a culturally mindful behaviour and a culturally safe professional nursing practice.

* Develop new materials and teaching and learning activities, including case studies, on transcultural nursing, and evaluate impact on the students’ learning and the teachers’ practice.